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Toy Story 3 Campaign

Anylyzing from http://mashable.com/2010/09/14/social-media-campaigns/, the website broke down the actual campaign, the goods and bads about it, here is the following,

The Campaign:

Pixar and Disney let out a barrage of videos, tie-ins, and ads to promote Toy Story 3. Aside from traditional banner ads and billboards, Disney created viral videos including fake, vintage-style ads featuring the new characters, an iAd featured on the iPhone 4, and a Facebook Page complete with a built-in ticket-buying app.

What Worked:

The video successfully played on the nostalgia of their entire demographic. Kids could appreciate the fake toy commercials while their parents could reminisce about their own childhood toys; a sentiment entirely in line with the Toy Story brand. The Facebook app was connected to news streams such that you could share when you bought tickets to the movie.

Word-of-mouth and in-stream recommendations are a powerful tool. “The whole idea is that no friend gets left behind,” a Disney exec told the IFC. It’s both a play on the movie’s tagline (“No Toy Gets Left Behind”) and pressure to join in when your friends buy tickets.

What Flopped:

The social media campaign was pretty solid on most counts. The danger of associating with major brands (like the iAd) is that your product can appear too polished or too corporate. It all comes down to knowing your product and knowing your brand. In this case, Disney-Pixar hit a home run.

My personall critique about the campaign



Reflecting my twitter experience for my ADPR4300 course is simple, I learned so much. Although I did not earn how to use twitter by the basics I learned how to apply twitter to the business world. I learned that using twitter as an educational and informative tool is much more useful then just using it socially. Considering how social media is emerging and emerging fast it should not be a suprise tat employers are going to catch on. It is easy to get a feel for a potential employee by reviewing their facebook and twitter page. So Gee ( My teacher) taught me how to be more professional and add an element of articulation to the word of social media. However there were a couple challenges. I found it difficult to make the transition from social to business in regards to twitter. I did not understand the concept of retweeting pass its social purpose. So when I first began I would retweet the unimportant tweets as opposed to the progressive tweets. After that challenge was over twitter pretty much was a breeze. I became a pretty descent live tweeter, and I had become good at responding to tweets in a timely matter. Overall I would say this tweetassignment was positive and a success. I would not change anything.

As a result of discussion in my social media class concerning accountability, I feel it is appropriate to blog concerning social media. I would first like to give my personal opinion regarding social media sights; DO NOT BE NAIVE! Everything one posts can be seen and most likely will be monitored by an employer. My generation, in particular, receives the award for being the most irresponsible on social media sites. We, as a whole, tweet about how our boss “stinks” or how our job is “so boring.”  Although friends and peers may like your status, employers wont be to quick to like your thoughts, and may terminate you as a result.

http://www.instigatorblog.com/social-networks-are-not-personal/2007/06/19/ is an article entitled, “Social Media is Not Personal,” The article speaks on how all of your “stuff” is exposed. It is crazy how easy an emplyer can search your name on google and all of your thoughts expressed online are available. What does this mean? BE CAREFUL! I feel like being aware is so important regarding this matter because social media will dictate the future. The job industry is evolving to the extent in which more people are getting college degrees, everyone has internships. So how could employers possibly seperate the good from the great? Oh wait….. let us explore each canidate and potential employees personality via social media. In saying that, one should understand why It is important NOT to be naive.

The next article I found, ironically speaks on a teenager who was terminated from her job because of her comments on facebook. The young woman tweeted at her job about how boring her job was, sadly, her employers have a zero tolerance policy for social media accountability. Simply put, she was naive to think she would be able to post negative comments about her job WHILE AT WORK. This is a life example in which being too personal on social media sites can hurt you. To view the link click http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-10172931-71.html.

The purpose of this blog is not to offend you or suggest you are being childish in the ways you use social media, it is simply a warning. A warning expressing that social media can hurt you if you are too naive to the fact that professionalism is necesarry  in this world. Stay aware stay professional.

Bridging the Ideological Divide Is an article written by Joseph Kellam, President of a non-profit organization that must be kept secret for the sake of copy right laws.  However, speaking on the campaign, Kellam’s article aimed to articulate the fact that President Obama has not done much for ” Black America”. He then attempts to express and justify the reasons why there has been no drastic changes. The fact of the matter is that President Obama is the president of America.  All of these defenses were a result of the attacks made on Obama by Dr. Cornell West. Although the attacks prove that Obama has failed to launch a war on poverty in the black community with the same amount of zeal as other policies.

Kellam challenges everyone who reads the article to think for themselves. He wants readers to realize that the media focuses on the negatives regarding the Obama administration ( This could be a result  of bias networks such as Fox News). He wants the reader to explore the positives and focus on the core values and policies that have been implemented, and to understand that there is still much that will be accomplished.

To push this awareness campaign Kellam used social media sites such as twitter, retweets, blog, and facebook. I came across the article on facebook. After reading the message I made sure I shared the article with my followers. I believe in this case that social media was used correctly to get a message out into the world.

Additions I would have added to this campaign and organization is more information, Although I understand that when using social media one must be aware of the amount of information given at a time, I believe people need more facts and opinions to make an educational opinion of your own.

Here is the link to the article- http://youngwritersblock.org/2011/06/04/breaching-the-ideological-divide/

Social Media is an amazing tool used in our society today, its influence has spread throughout other facets of communication; specifically music. I have noticed that rap artist are continuously starting to use references of social media in rap songs to get points across. It shows the overall influence social media has on society and artists.

The following link below is an article that shows some hip hop artists that have used social media references in their songs. http://www.flowtown.com/blog/how-six-hip-hop-artists-use-social-media

I enjoyed that article because it expressed the truth of the power of social media. Some of the artist included in the list are international superstars, like Lil’ Wayne. Not only have these artists made references to twitter, facebook, and myspace in songs, they have used social media to connect with fans. 

Artists are human beings as well, and we as non celebrities” tend to forget that. Social media allows these artists to tweet and post statuses about what they feel, think, and their opinions on issues. For example, Lil Wayne, a few days after he was released from prison tweeted about his excitement. Although the tweet was vulgar, it was his true feelings. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/crossfade/LilWayneTwitterIntro.jpg

Seperate from what social media does for artists, it also helps financially. Below is an article that explains how superstar artist 50 cent influence is real influence. “Maybe it was his Hustler’s Ambition, but last week he thought it was a good idea to mention the stock opportunity to his fans on Twitter.  That’s when things took off.  Now 50 Cent has been used to getting heat from the feds and the police before, but I’m guessing not from the SEC.  I can only assume that’s why these Tweets promoting the stock have been deleted from his twitter account.” (http://realtimemarketer.com/50-cents-twitter-influence-goes-straight-to-the-bank/)

It is evident what twitter and other social media sites have done in the minds of emerging artist and superstars. I am excited to see how social media shapes and influences hip hop in the future.

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