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Social Media is an amazing tool used in our society today, its influence has spread throughout other facets of communication; specifically music. I have noticed that rap artist are continuously starting to use references of social media in rap songs to get points across. It shows the overall influence social media has on society and artists.

The following link below is an article that shows some hip hop artists that have used social media references in their songs. http://www.flowtown.com/blog/how-six-hip-hop-artists-use-social-media

I enjoyed that article because it expressed the truth of the power of social media. Some of the artist included in the list are international superstars, like Lil’ Wayne. Not only have these artists made references to twitter, facebook, and myspace in songs, they have used social media to connect with fans. 

Artists are human beings as well, and we as non celebrities” tend to forget that. Social media allows these artists to tweet and post statuses about what they feel, think, and their opinions on issues. For example, Lil Wayne, a few days after he was released from prison tweeted about his excitement. Although the tweet was vulgar, it was his true feelings. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/crossfade/LilWayneTwitterIntro.jpg

Seperate from what social media does for artists, it also helps financially. Below is an article that explains how superstar artist 50 cent influence is real influence. “Maybe it was his Hustler’s Ambition, but last week he thought it was a good idea to mention the stock opportunity to his fans on Twitter.  That’s when things took off.  Now 50 Cent has been used to getting heat from the feds and the police before, but I’m guessing not from the SEC.  I can only assume that’s why these Tweets promoting the stock have been deleted from his twitter account.” (http://realtimemarketer.com/50-cents-twitter-influence-goes-straight-to-the-bank/)

It is evident what twitter and other social media sites have done in the minds of emerging artist and superstars. I am excited to see how social media shapes and influences hip hop in the future.


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