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Bridging the Ideological Divide Is an article written by Joseph Kellam, President of a non-profit organization that must be kept secret for the sake of copy right laws.  However, speaking on the campaign, Kellam’s article aimed to articulate the fact that President Obama has not done much for ” Black America”. He then attempts to express and justify the reasons why there has been no drastic changes. The fact of the matter is that President Obama is the president of America.  All of these defenses were a result of the attacks made on Obama by Dr. Cornell West. Although the attacks prove that Obama has failed to launch a war on poverty in the black community with the same amount of zeal as other policies.

Kellam challenges everyone who reads the article to think for themselves. He wants readers to realize that the media focuses on the negatives regarding the Obama administration ( This could be a result  of bias networks such as Fox News). He wants the reader to explore the positives and focus on the core values and policies that have been implemented, and to understand that there is still much that will be accomplished.

To push this awareness campaign Kellam used social media sites such as twitter, retweets, blog, and facebook. I came across the article on facebook. After reading the message I made sure I shared the article with my followers. I believe in this case that social media was used correctly to get a message out into the world.

Additions I would have added to this campaign and organization is more information, Although I understand that when using social media one must be aware of the amount of information given at a time, I believe people need more facts and opinions to make an educational opinion of your own.

Here is the link to the article- http://youngwritersblock.org/2011/06/04/breaching-the-ideological-divide/


Comments on: "Breaching the Ideological Divide" (2)

  1. Indeed, it was innovative use of social media. Sometimes we all are tempted to provide our Facebook friends and Twitter followers with mundane happenings of our lives. We don’t think of providing them with brain-cell stimulating articles or tips on how to maximize their social media experience. I do believe however that it is easier to share links and articles via Twitter than it is Facebook.

  2. I agree! twitter and the retweet process is much more successful than the facebook wall post. And the most important element concept of this case study is the quote “teach a man to fish” I wanted to focus more so on terminating the worlds infatuation with spoon feeding information,

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