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As a result of discussion in my social media class concerning accountability, I feel it is appropriate to blog concerning social media. I would first like to give my personal opinion regarding social media sights; DO NOT BE NAIVE! Everything one posts can be seen and most likely will be monitored by an employer. My generation, in particular, receives the award for being the most irresponsible on social media sites. We, as a whole, tweet about how our boss “stinks” or how our job is “so boring.”  Although friends and peers may like your status, employers wont be to quick to like your thoughts, and may terminate you as a result.

http://www.instigatorblog.com/social-networks-are-not-personal/2007/06/19/ is an article entitled, “Social Media is Not Personal,” The article speaks on how all of your “stuff” is exposed. It is crazy how easy an emplyer can search your name on google and all of your thoughts expressed online are available. What does this mean? BE CAREFUL! I feel like being aware is so important regarding this matter because social media will dictate the future. The job industry is evolving to the extent in which more people are getting college degrees, everyone has internships. So how could employers possibly seperate the good from the great? Oh wait….. let us explore each canidate and potential employees personality via social media. In saying that, one should understand why It is important NOT to be naive.

The next article I found, ironically speaks on a teenager who was terminated from her job because of her comments on facebook. The young woman tweeted at her job about how boring her job was, sadly, her employers have a zero tolerance policy for social media accountability. Simply put, she was naive to think she would be able to post negative comments about her job WHILE AT WORK. This is a life example in which being too personal on social media sites can hurt you. To view the link click http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-10172931-71.html.

The purpose of this blog is not to offend you or suggest you are being childish in the ways you use social media, it is simply a warning. A warning expressing that social media can hurt you if you are too naive to the fact that professionalism is necesarry  in this world. Stay aware stay professional.


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