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My Twitter Experience

Reflecting my twitter experience for my ADPR4300 course is simple, I learned so much. Although I did not earn how to use twitter by the basics I learned how to apply twitter to the business world. I learned that using twitter as an educational and informative tool is much more useful then just using it socially. Considering how social media is emerging and emerging fast it should not be a suprise tat employers are going to catch on. It is easy to get a feel for a potential employee by reviewing their facebook and twitter page. So Gee ( My teacher) taught me how to be more professional and add an element of articulation to the word of social media. However there were a couple challenges. I found it difficult to make the transition from social to business in regards to twitter. I did not understand the concept of retweeting pass its social purpose. So when I first began I would retweet the unimportant tweets as opposed to the progressive tweets. After that challenge was over twitter pretty much was a breeze. I became a pretty descent live tweeter, and I had become good at responding to tweets in a timely matter. Overall I would say this tweetassignment was positive and a success. I would not change anything.


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