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Toy Story 3 Campaign

Anylyzing from http://mashable.com/2010/09/14/social-media-campaigns/, the website broke down the actual campaign, the goods and bads about it, here is the following,

The Campaign:

Pixar and Disney let out a barrage of videos, tie-ins, and ads to promote Toy Story 3. Aside from traditional banner ads and billboards, Disney created viral videos including fake, vintage-style ads featuring the new characters, an iAd featured on the iPhone 4, and a Facebook Page complete with a built-in ticket-buying app.

What Worked:

The video successfully played on the nostalgia of their entire demographic. Kids could appreciate the fake toy commercials while their parents could reminisce about their own childhood toys; a sentiment entirely in line with the Toy Story brand. The Facebook app was connected to news streams such that you could share when you bought tickets to the movie.

Word-of-mouth and in-stream recommendations are a powerful tool. “The whole idea is that no friend gets left behind,” a Disney exec told the IFC. It’s both a play on the movie’s tagline (“No Toy Gets Left Behind”) and pressure to join in when your friends buy tickets.

What Flopped:

The social media campaign was pretty solid on most counts. The danger of associating with major brands (like the iAd) is that your product can appear too polished or too corporate. It all comes down to knowing your product and knowing your brand. In this case, Disney-Pixar hit a home run.

My personall critique about the campaign




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